Please call us on: 0330 606 0160 or (mob) 07517 328094


Co-farmers are the heart and the soul of High Mead Farm.

Co-farmers choose to come to the farm as part of their care package or recovery. We receive referrals via Local Councils Adult Social care teams, Mental Health teams within the NHS and other local organisations. Co-farmers can also arrange direct with us to join the therapeutic farm if they wish. We welcome a diverse group from our community, offering a unique experience enabling people to grow using the magic of High Mead Farm!

We can offer 1 to 5 days of therapeutic farming to those wanting to engage with nature, and grow in spirit. Our focus is very much on ability and not disability, engaging everyone through stability and direction. We are not able to offer personal care or continuous one to one work; however co-farmers are welcome to attend with carers.

Co-farmers, volunteers and the farm staff often engage in group activities which are always a very popular approach to completing a task.

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