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Posted March 9, 2016 by anonymous


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★★★★★ October 2017
Peter Kittle
The people here are very friendly and it is a fantastic place

Volunteer testimonial

Having spent time doing military service and suffering mental health issues on return to civilian life, the years of 30 to 55 were spent on the fringes of society. Various hospitals, day centers, unsuitable voluntary jobs and many coffee shops later I arrived at High Mead Farm 4 1/2 years ago. I was, at this time working on a vegetable growing project and ready to move on. At this time Mark and his business partner and a few original volunteers were trying to get Marks vision of a community project of the ground.I began on the gardening side, and helped to get it to a thriving vegetable project. I also did some electrical work.

Just the feel of the place and Marks free attitude gave me a belief in myself that I’d not experienced before. In those days we had one sow, Claire ready to have piglets, three goats, two grumpy geese, two Shetlands some chickens and turkeys.

It was soon to become a thriving farming community with various workshops and skill sets to learn. My belief in myself and my skills grew. Although I still have off days, my mental health has settled. The itinerary of the farm is so varied there is no real chance of getting bored.

A caring positive positive attitude is encouraged in all aspects of the farm. Respect is universal both to the animals, co-farmers and all other attendees.