Animal Husbandry

If you can drink the pigs water from the trough then it’s good enough for the pigs. We pride ourselves with having the highest respect and care for all our animals.

Daily tasks include feeding, cleaning out, health checks and lots of cuddles and a chance to spend time with various animals close up. Watching chickens socialize, quarrel, bicker and be affectionate with all their clan is a lovely to spend an hour or so. Sitting down in the corner of a sunny field with the company of Daphnee the donkey or Lily-anna our goat matriarch enables us humans to come down from that pedestal of control to the level that we should be of connecting with our fellow inhabitants of this planet. Animals sense our moods and our emotions and give unconditional love where it is most needed. Watching the cycle of life is so fulfilling, our newborns lift the farm and ignites the caring side in all of us.

Please come and meet our Shetland family, try and catch our ferrets, take the billy goats for a walk or try and impersonate our big turkeys or waddling Indian runner ducks. Our resident pigs are Bluebell and Doorbell both ready for a good back rub with a garden rake or brush. Our rabbits and guinea pigs always need a good cuddle.