Horticultural Activities

Come to the farm and experience yourself the tranquil and calming of gardening.

Working with a dedicated team to grow luscious veg and fruit all year round. We have a large outdoor veggie patch for our potatoes, squash, onions and the odd flower. We also have a sensory garden required upkeep and care.

In our Poly tunnels we grow the more exotic plants like tomatoes, peppers, capsicums, cucumbers and may in the future try a mango or peanut tree. Tasks vary throughout the year, starting with ground prep, sowing, planting, care, harvesting and then there is the continued upkeep of structures and fencing.

The satisfaction and joy gained from growing, tending harvesting then eating is priceless, resulting in a holistic/organic cycle of life/season thing. We are starting a mini allotment scheme for co-farmers so they can experience this phenomenon.

We have space and resources to work as a whole farm on a gardening project which reinforces the team/farm spirit alongside feeling that we are all working together and many many laughs on the way. The life skills attained include caring for plants, food, care and maintenance, basic wood work/repair.