Mechanical Workshops

We can offer the chance to practice, learn and experiment in our new mechanical workshop. Under the guidance of our dedicated & very experienced team you can get involved in….
Farm Machinery Servicing – involves topping up fluids, cleaning filters, changing parts , tuning and lots more on our mini tractors, mowers, strimmers and chippers. The internal combustion engine is a marvellous invention and understanding it lets us learn the mechanics and principles of a world changing machine. We also have to maintain all our hand tools on the farm which are just as important. The farm’s bicycles and wheelbarrows have to be constantly maintained … never ending punctures!

Dis-assembling – Taking apart donated cars, motorbikes and various machines. Fascinating projects including taking apart video recorders, speakers, electric drills, peddle bikes, scooters etc, learning how these things work from the inside. Identifying all the parts, then either sell, re-use or up-cycle. Machine parts sculptures are also fun to make.
Constructing –building mini all terrain vehicles for the farm or sale.

Get involved in one of our projects of either a racing mini tractor, a tracked go-cart or a converted Ford fiesta pick-up. These projects involve design & fabrication. It’s not quite scrap heap challenge but close!