Office Manager


Following a period as a volunteer at High Mead Farm I now have my dream job as an employee!

My primary role and title is “office manager & administrator”, although as a member of The Team I am pleased  that I also perform various other duties in and around The Farm. This is a wonderful environment where I can  indulge my passions of nurturing people from the community with daily contact with the outdoors and mother nature.

I am part of a team whose objectives are to facilitate particular groups of people from the community to achieve and sustain obtainable goals using the environment, a dynamic approach and laughter.

I have over 15 years of experience of working with people with disabilities within Adult Social Care; yet my focus is always on ability not disability.

I am qualified in Health & Social Care, Supported Employment and British Sign Language Level 1. I have also attended various courses on topics of: mental health, physical disabilities and learning disabilities.