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What we do!

Horticultural Activities

Horticultural Activities

Come to the farm and experience yourself the tranquil and calming of gardening.

Working with a dedicated team to grow luscious veg and fruit all year round. We have a large outdoor veggie patch for our potatoes, squash, onions and the odd flower. We also have a sensory garden required upkeep and care.

In our Poly tunnels we grow the more exotic plants like tomatoes, peppers, capsicums, cucumbers and may in the future try a mango or peanut tree. Tasks vary throughout the year, starting with ground prep, sowing, planting, care, harvesting and then there is the continued upkeep of structures and fencing.

The satisfaction and joy gained from growing, tending harvesting then eating is priceless, resulting in a holistic/organic cycle of life/season thing. We are starting a mini allotment scheme for co-farmers so they can experience this phenomenon.

We have space and resources to work as a whole farm on a gardening project which reinforces the team/farm spirit alongside feeling that we are all working together and many many laughs on the way. The life skills attained include caring for plants, food, care and maintenance, basic wood work/repair.

Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

If you can drink the pigs water from the trough then it’s good enough for the pigs. We pride ourselves with having the highest respect and care for all our animals.

Daily tasks include feeding, cleaning out, health checks and lots of cuddles and a chance to spend time with various animals close up. Watching chickens socialize, quarrel, bicker and be affectionate with all their clan is a lovely to spend an hour or so. Sitting down in the corner of a sunny field with the company of Daphnee the donkey or Lily-anna our goat matriarch enables us humans to come down from that pedestal of control to the level that we should be of connecting with our fellow inhabitants of this planet. Animals sense our moods and our emotions and give unconditional love where it is most needed. Watching the cycle of life is so fulfilling, our newborns lift the farm and ignites the caring side in all of us.

Please come and meet our Shetland family, try and catch our ferrets, take the billy goats for a walk or try and impersonate our big turkeys or waddling Indian runner ducks. Our resident pigs are Bluebell and Doorbell both ready for a good back rub with a garden rake or brush. Our rabbits and guinea pigs always need a good cuddle.

Craft Sessions

Craft Sessions

High Mead Farm is developing a broad range of crafts.

You can enjoy the old art of weaving on a loom to make your own scarves, mats and wall hangings. There is also a lovely pottery workshop where you can make things out of clay and decorate them as you like!

We are also creating a new art & craft workshop where you’ll have the chance to explore painting, gluing, sticking, felting and everything that can be moulded by your imagination.




We can offer the chance to practice, learn and experiment in our new mechanical workshop. Under the guidance of our dedicated & very experienced team you can get involved in….
Farm Machinery Servicing – involves topping up fluids, cleaning filters, changing parts , tuning and lots more on our mini tractors, mowers, strimmers and chippers. The internal combustion engine is a marvellous invention and understanding it lets us learn the mechanics and principles of a world changing machine. We also have to maintain all our hand tools on the farm which are just as important. The farm’s bicycles and wheelbarrows have to be constantly maintained … never ending punctures!

Dis-assembling – Taking apart donated cars, motorbikes and various machines. Fascinating projects including taking apart video recorders, speakers, electric drills, peddle bikes, scooters etc, learning how these things work from the inside. Identifying all the parts, then either sell, re-use or up-cycle. Machine parts sculptures are also fun to make.
Constructing –building mini all terrain vehicles for the farm or sale.

Get involved in one of our projects of either a racing mini tractor, a tracked go-cart or a converted Ford fiesta pick-up. These projects involve design & fabrication. It’s not quite scrap heap challenge but close!


In the green wood working bay spend a hour making a gypsy flower, a milking stool or a hurdle. Split logs with handmade mallets or try using our special kindle maker to make pieces for our cob Pizza oven . Along with tool handling and coordination, skills are learnt in weighing up , packaging and selling . The team also maintains the farms hedges as the goats cannot reach the top branches … we are working on a movable raised goat platform!

As permitted we are also allowed to use a local woodland where we can coppice, collect wood and play.

In the carpentry workshop we have the facilities and skilled staff to aid you in wood carving including house & door signs, construction including toys, models and wildlife/ garden structures and wood turning. We also make lots of things for the farm like pig troughs, chicken perches and boot racks to name a few. The team maintain all the fencing , sheds and animal houses on the farm especially the sows house that is made from old doors!

The last part of our woodwork is the sorting & de-nailing of all the wood that is donated to us. Very popular on the farm with great skills to be gained using hand tools and of course the magnet pendulum sweeping thing for picking up all the nails.



Come and help us convert our 1950’s farm building to a functioning centre for the community. We have had so much help over the last four years and we still have a lot to do. At the moment we are building a hand wash station with washing grill and tiled roof & converting a brick bay into a enclosed craft room. We have shops to build and wells to dig, windmills to erect and goats houses to put up. Multiple skills can be gained in the construction team including plumbing, brickwork, woodwork, foundation work, drainage, roofing and more. An important part of construction on the farm is team work and of course the occasional full English breakfast before starting!